what an experience, thank you

   Let me start out by saying thanks to our supporters and to our core group of workers in the Senate campaign. Janice and I have met a good group of people and we cannot express enough the appreciation we have for them and all their hard work. We tried to run a positive campaign focused on issues, but we still failed to get our message across to the residents of District 22. For that, I am sorry. We focused our campaign on what I wanted to do for District 22, not defending myself from all the negative attack literature and television and radio ads paid for by the “big city fat cats” like Campaign for Minnesota’s Future,Freedom Club State PAC, America’s Future and Coalition of Minnesota Businesses .  Earlier, a blogger said I should get a thick skin. I thought what I needed was a strong desire to represent my constituents in St. Paul! 

I hope that Senator-elect Weber is true to his district and to his comments made late in the campaign, that he will work in a bipartisan manner as an “independent voice” for the citizens of the District.  (In case you’re wondering, that was my campaign slogan before it became his.)  Good luck Mr. Weber, we sincerely hope you will work for us – I’ll be checking his voting record for the next four years to see if he truly is working for us and not the “fat cats”.  We should alI hope that the new majority will get to work immediately to right the ship in Minnesota.

In closing, if any of the anoynomus bloggers really want to talk to me and exchange views, please, give me call, or better yet, come see me.  Face to face has always been a better way to talk to someone.  If you have a complaint about something with the City, please visit with me.  If you are interested in really making a difference, you can’t do it in a coffee shop.  Start with a seat on your local boards, council or commissions.  Or even sign up for our Honorary Council Member program.  I think in a city of over 12,000 we should be surprised that we didn’t have any races for the School Board or the City Council.  Like they say, walk a mile in my shoes before you spout off.