tonight it’s on my mind

    Tonight as I sit in my shop just finishing up from a day’s work my mind races with thoughts of this campaign season. Never did I think it would come to this, attack ads almost every day from groups with deep pockets and they say I am backed by powerful special interest groups. It almost makes me throw up, but you know what, party people tell me that is just what the other party wants. Well it’s working the more I type the sicker I feel. 

    I get hammered for wanting to hire inferior teachers ( I have eight grandchildren in District 22), push jobs out of Minnesota ( I have worked tirelessly for Worthington and Southwest Minnesota for ten years as Mayor to grow businesses and jobs), they say I want to raise your income tax (really), they say I won’t work for our veterans ( that perturbs me to no end, I fully believe that anyone who serves this country deserves to be taken care of, anything less is not exceptable). And the big shots hiding behind  “Minnesota’s Future” are spreading this crap, what did I do to warrant this ? It is purely guilt by association and it needs to stop. What would they say about me if I was the Republican candidate ? Would I be the savior to all things Republican ? I was asked to run by both parties, ask Sviggum or Senjem or Pawlenty.

     I see yard signs in Worthington in yards of folks I have known as friends almost my entire life for my opponent,  did I change who I am when I decided to run for State office ? Did a party choice really make that difference ? I have busted my butt for this City and for greater Minnesota would I do any less in St. Paul ?

     I was planning to wait until after the election to do this blog, but I think you all deserve to know my thoughts now not later.  I am not your normal politican nor will I ever be, I was told when I first ran for Mayor, do not change who you are and always reminder us little guys. I have never waivered from that.  I am pro-life and while I do not wear my religion on my sleeve I firmly believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I do not believe in legislating through constitutional  amendments, I believe we elect people to make the tough decisions. I know this can cause some people heartburn, you should know it now not after the election. Gee, a person with his own views not something he’s coached to believe, as I say “an independent voice for Southwest Minnesota”.

    I am proud to run as a Democrat in this election because they allow a person to have their own thoughts and plans and will work together to get things done, I am not interested in going to St. Paul and being somebody’s puppet, if you want that elect my opponent. I look forward to the finish of this campaign season and if it works out begin to serve residents of District 22 in January.

    If you want to discuss real issues call or stop by anytime, thank you and please exercise your right to vote.

4 thoughts on “tonight it’s on my mind

  1. Some of us can see with our own eyes the work you’ve done in Worthington and know better than to listen to these outside groups. We got your back. Truthfulness is not something money can buy. I am concerned about the Ruppert thing and why that was allowed to go on for so long, but overall, I think you’ve done a pretty good job as Mayor. I would hope that even though you are pro life, and believe marriage is between one man and one woman, that you wouldn’t impose your beliefs onto others with legislation.

  2. I’m really sick of all the negative mail that I’ve been getting. However, they don’t some right out and say that AL would vote this way, but the interest groups that back him vote this way. I’ve known Al for many years and I’ve never known him to vote for or against anything because someone else thought he should.
    And, Nicole, the “Ruppert” thing was a county issue, not city.

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