great days and awesome nights

Tonight after a day of work I, along with Lon and Bryon, took a motorcycle ride to Skipper’s in Luverne we passed along side Ellsworth, thru Kanaranzi to Magnolia and down Old 16 to Skipper’s. We had a good meal and hit the highway again, back to Magnolia, to Kenneth then to Lismore and on to Reading and then back to Worthington. All  along the way I could not help but be in awe of the size of the corn at this time in July. Even the crop that was replanted is looking great. The beans are coming along fine, the hay is being cut and new wind towers are being constructed – life looks good in farm country.  I hope the folks who live in the densely populated metro cities realize the commodities they consume come from right here in the rural areas of the State.

To top off the evening a fire in the firepit over looking Lake Okabena on one of the calmest days ever in southwest Minnesota. Enjoy them while they last………

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